Love writing poetry


I was told as a nipper that I would never amount to much? how many of us have heard this phrase that gets used time and time again when we were a child? I certainly did.  I just thought the teachers had given up on me.  At first I thought it was a good skive, but as time went by I found it a struggle to catch up at school and dropped by the wayside.

I always knew I could write and write made up stories.  It wasn’t until I was in later life, I took up the pen and began to write, I really like writing poetry my mind travels to another world and my words flow like a tap that cannot be switched off.

I write for the love of writing, I don’t write to please others, as I would never get to write a thing.  Because I would worry about what others think?  That doesn’t happen.

I have attached a pictures of my 3 books of poetry


they can be found on Amazon books or Kindle.  There is a poem for everyone. Enjoy


Author: worldofphotographyandbooks

I have a love of writing and photography, I love the countryside my insoeration for good photography and poetry

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