I have written my latest book “The Journey”, it is currently with 2 proof readers, it should be published on Amazon books and kindle in May?

It is a story of a young man, Peter, arriving, in Grimsby England, on a fishing vessel from the Faroes Islands.  It is 1891 and England isn’t the land of plenty that he thought it was.

He marries and it is the start of living in poverty, he has 2 children one unfortunately during birth, his brain is starved of oxygen.

During the great war he is living in Hull and the Zeppelins begin bombing Hull and other areas of the UK.  Peter moves him and his family to Liverpool, where he is murdered by ignorant people.  The family slip deeper into poverty, the eldest son joins the Army but the great war ends and he is send to Ireland 1921/1922.  He marries a girl from Liverpool but he dies young, the family once again live in abject poverty.

His daughter is mistreated by her mother, the girl pulls herself out of poverty and has three sons who do well for themselves, 2 are honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II and the third becomes a millionaire.

Wait until May to grab a copy of the book.

Keith the-journey-book-cover-v5-new-pic


Author: worldofphotographyandbooks

I have a love of writing and photography, I love the countryside my insoeration for good photography and poetry

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