For those who are interested I have taken up the mighty pen once again and I am currently writing yet another book.

The book is a paranormal novel, but without the ghosts, someone has upset the past? and has allowed visions from the past to break through to the mortal world.

The book is based in and around ancient Winchester in England.





I have written my latest book “The Journey”, it is currently with 2 proof readers, it should be published on Amazon books and kindle in May?

It is a story of a young man, Peter, arriving, in Grimsby England, on a fishing vessel from the Faroes Islands.  It is 1891 and England isn’t the land of plenty that he thought it was.

He marries and it is the start of living in poverty, he has 2 children one unfortunately during birth, his brain is starved of oxygen.

During the great war he is living in Hull and the Zeppelins begin bombing Hull and other areas of the UK.  Peter moves him and his family to Liverpool, where he is murdered by ignorant people.  The family slip deeper into poverty, the eldest son joins the Army but the great war ends and he is send to Ireland 1921/1922.  He marries a girl from Liverpool but he dies young, the family once again live in abject poverty.

His daughter is mistreated by her mother, the girl pulls herself out of poverty and has three sons who do well for themselves, 2 are honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II and the third becomes a millionaire.

Wait until May to grab a copy of the book.

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The Beginning

I began to seriously write @two years ago, as a child I was informed by my teachers that I would never amount to anything in life.

For many years I didn’t put pen to paper, until I started to write my first book, “Never a Dull Moment”.

I have gone on to write 4 more books, I write for the love of it.

I am currently proof reading my latest Draft manuscript “The Journey”.

I may never write a bestseller, it is the love of starting on blank piece A4 paper and ending with 200 to 300 pages later and holding a new novel in my hands.

Gping back to my childhood at school I was taken out of class and stuck in a classroom on my own to read or write lines, what I would do was to stare out of the classroom window, watching people scurry from one classroom to another, I would make up stories.





The cold creeps up my body, like the tide lapping up onto a beach, the cold creeps up my toes and into my feet

At the tips of my body, my fingers are becoming colder and colder, my hands turning blue

My nose is becoming bluer and darker, it is excruciatingly painful the tips of my ears are in such pain

My body is starting to shut down. I can feel the energy ebbing from my lifeless body

Each movement is becoming slow and painful

Sleeping under the stars is so lonely and cold

Overnight my body shuts down for good


copyright Inspirations book of poetry 2016