I am lucky to have a very large garden, and to that end I have tried to turn it into an outside, photographic studio.

I seed the garden with wild flower seed, only the flowers that will attracted Butterflies and bees, wasps hoverflies etc.

I have my writing workshop in the garden and in the summer I will have the workshop doors left wide open, I take my cameras into the workshop and will take photographs of the insects in the garden.  For their hard work they get to take the pollen and turn it into succulent honey.

The photograph shown is a wasp and I have photo shopped the colour of the flower out of the picture to highlight the wasp.



All photographs are copyright 2016




My last book that I have written and uploaded, Hidden from View.  It started off with an idea, I tried not to follow other authors ideas.  As the title suggests, it is about someone who tries to disappear from society.

A young woman makes a life changing decision and it destroys her soul.

She finds a place where she would blend into a world of religion.

The trouble is the past has a very nasty habit of catching up with all of us.

The title is relevant right up to the very last page of the book.




The book can be found on Amazon books and Kindle


If there is anyone out there who enjoys reading autobiographies then this a book a book for you and you will enjoy.

It is a real story about an ordinary teenager who makes something of his life, a must read and a book I guaranteed the reader will not be able to put down, from reading the first page to finishing reading the last page.

It takes the teenager through the troubles in Northern Ireland as a sixteen year old, to joining the Army and seeing the end of the cold war.  Ventured into the past visiting the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.  Having to be trained for atomic Armageddon and the fall out.

Finally receiving recognition for work carried in the service of the country, out of the blue having been honoured personally by Her Majesty the Queen.




The book is available on Amazon Books and Kindle




Love writing poetry

I was told as a nipper that I would never amount to much? how many of us have heard this phrase that gets used time and time again when we were a child? I certainly did.  I just thought the teachers had given up on me.  At first I thought it was a good skive, but as time went by I found it a struggle to catch up at school and dropped by the wayside.

I always knew I could write and write made up stories.  It wasn’t until I was in later life, I took up the pen and began to write, I really like writing poetry my mind travels to another world and my words flow like a tap that cannot be switched off.

I write for the love of writing, I don’t write to please others, as I would never get to write a thing.  Because I would worry about what others think?  That doesn’t happen.

I have attached a pictures of my 3 books of poetry


they can be found on Amazon books or Kindle.  There is a poem for everyone. Enjoy