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The cold creeps up my body, like the tide lapping up onto a beach, the cold creeps up my toes and into my feet

At the tips of my body, my fingers are becoming colder and colder, my hands turning blue

My nose is becoming bluer and darker, it is excruciatingly painful the tips of my ears are in such pain

My body is starting to shut down. I can feel the energy ebbing from my lifeless body

Each movement is becoming slow and painful

Sleeping under the stars is so lonely and cold

Overnight my body shuts down for good


copyright Inspirations book of poetry 2016


The Human Race

*Please note the poem below is from my Book of Poetry “Inspirations”*

Humans are meant to be the most intelligent animal on the planet? The difference is we kill one another on such an industrial scale

We are destroying the planet that we share with other species

Whenever we meet other people from different parts of the world, we may not speak the same language, we seem to be able to communicate and understand one another

We laugh at similar things and enjoy similar things there is an unspoken bond

Life is not too dissimilar, as Nations we seem to want to destroy one another



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Love writing poetry

I was told as a nipper that I would never amount to much? how many of us have heard this phrase that gets used time and time again when we were a child? I certainly did.  I just thought the teachers had given up on me.  At first I thought it was a good skive, but as time went by I found it a struggle to catch up at school and dropped by the wayside.

I always knew I could write and write made up stories.  It wasn’t until I was in later life, I took up the pen and began to write, I really like writing poetry my mind travels to another world and my words flow like a tap that cannot be switched off.

I write for the love of writing, I don’t write to please others, as I would never get to write a thing.  Because I would worry about what others think?  That doesn’t happen.

I have attached a pictures of my 3 books of poetry


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